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for more than ten years; m one-half of Kronlein's cases the symptoms had
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cr^tinoide; idiotic cr^tinoide (French); infantile Myxidiotie (German).
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joint; the temperature was not rabed at the outset and the curve was afebrile
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hrealhiiiir entirely liy the tlinni.r (e. jr., tlie ndiliit). The first efl'eet of
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"f the mucosa of the cardiac end is consideralily irreater than that of the
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Nnciens. — ^This is usually a solidified agglomeration of the same salts of
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ini'ii'M--.' in tlir ijim I'lniii tlii' tlnn-iii-ii' iliin i-;ili li'.'iilily In' iliihliTil li\
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II is, liiiwpvfi', aliimsf i-iTtaiiilx' iiiiiicri'ssary to iiiaki' siirli an assiiiiip-
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33 cases and observed the interstitial tissue markedly increased in the puru-
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giving the patient rest and cardiac stimulants, with resulting improvement
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1895, there was local asphyxia, with necrosis of the terminal phalanx of the
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The aliiive desil iptiiiii iif the ly nipliat ies is nut linix ersilly aeeepted
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Infectioas Diseases. — Acute inflammatory processes occur with sufficient
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Changes similar to those in the hand occur in the feet and ankles, but
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eleareii .mt .if lli.' ki.ln.'.vs lapiillv aii.j eoiiipl.tely l.y l.icat! iiii; oxyiren,
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importance as an etiological factor. Thus, in the report of cases from Mon-

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