Imodium Kaopectate

cultures failed to grow any Streptococcus strains. 7

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of aged eyes is an important fnctor in the causation both of

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delusions are constructed of simple elements, and gen-

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employed, various cases of poisoning from absorption did take

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using in parasitic skin-diseases, with the most absolute faith in

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secondary affections? or should they not be directed to the

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the breathing was laboured, with frothy mucus in the air-

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taste or smell, having probably been exhausted to make

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Now, in order to form the tannate, two atoms of tannic

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Eric S. Rolfsmeyer, M.D. F.A.C.S. Greg A. Schultz, M.D. F.A.C.S.

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at Columbus in May last, has come to the conclusion to soli-

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aration for shipment; the bottling and transportation,

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the general, and principally consists in astringent and tonic

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seemed to be a field fertilized by human feces. The

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medium condition restored- I do not assert that the action of

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the consequence is that the inhabitants do not take the pre-

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tears in his eyes implored me to take charge of the patient,

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mortality of that hitherto fatal and always dangerous disease,

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think we have seen more than one case, in which a child

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"Not only is it possible to treat successfully non-ulcerat-

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ped by Sir B. Brodie, with evident advantage to her general

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1200 S. Euclid Ave. • Suite 312 • Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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vulsions" are likewise mentioned as a symptom of this stage.

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Annual Meeting, third Tluusrta\ in April; semi-annual, third Thursday in October,

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diabetes, laser treatments, eye muscle surgery, plastic surgery,

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selected one article which is of most length, and in which

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seen, this man was so quickly relieved and seemingly cured by

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former years, among us at least, greatly to the comfort of pa-

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Cancer Conference - 11:00 a.m., St Luke’s Midland Regional Medical Center, Aberdeen, Info: Dr. Roy Burt, 662-5194.

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thickening of the whole structure of the derma, with very little,

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the fact of being more rapid in their progress in conse-

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Chamber of Peers. It has not yet been acted upon, how-

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and the prostate had diminished two-thirds in size.

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whether it be decoction, infusion, or extract, it is all the same ;

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into a cup-shape. The use of the inhaler we can readily

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arsenic. Commenting on the action of arsenic on the blood, he

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exhibiting these currents, a deep gash may be made trans-

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to render it imperative, for so great are the facilities, and

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