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the Tepel, a bright trout stream, flows to join the

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except to strengthen it shortly after being given. I look on its action as

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of restraint with which the ailments and most private

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Metf ord bullet at the lower and outer part of Scarpas

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with interest.) Speaking generally, one would like to

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cause. We must, in that case, look for some pathological cause which

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districts, affecting several of the villages at which pilgrims

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ensemble of cases having characters in common but which can be grouped

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ment of the capsule, with others of minor importance,

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appears within a few months, its course lasting a year

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without puffiness, was an early symptom in five cases ;

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Edmunds puts enteric down to the last (/?. Med. Journal,

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potable water available at different points on the site of the

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the present free sclieme, icitltout compnhion, I would not

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it on the sclerotic at the lower part near the cornea

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pounders employed in these registered shops should be

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facile princeps, the motor organ of respiration ; and it is

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account the probable number of survivals from these

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service. Each stretcher carried by the sanitats' detach-

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and facetted, and a few of them of considerable size, they

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operation tends to gape the edges of the incision, and

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rapid effect of the treatment as compared with previous me-

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pyretic effect of a single bath is not so striking as that of a full dose of

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at 7-30 P.M., on the 13th July. He had been hit in the liead

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an imported poison, and though its introduction into

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section, and this was represented to the woman and her

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as a piece of calico, serving the purpose of freeing it

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and we send up to it through the blood course chemicals or otherwise alter

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except Bombay and Berar ; vaccination is also done at

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