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to malaria. He had seen the disease as it prevails in

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carried out the infantry are pushed forward to ranges

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ing, say, 12 and more passengers engaged in this part of

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the body vegetates, the debility is great from the very

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present and abiding function or be the vestigial remnant

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This is a virulent poison, and is said to produce slough-

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etc. C^hemical examination is often negative for many

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25 c. c. of white of egg mixed with 50 c.c. distilled water

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dry climate ; two men, being at that time housed in

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I have had in all sixteen cases with twelve deaths.

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tissues — more, indeed, for in no other tissue are the reparative processes

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The system in India, by which reliance was placed for first aid

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parative immunity being self-evident, in that in the one

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I conclude that the disease is one existing in those

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be wanting in my duty if I did not bring prominently to the

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" the storage of lymph in any way whatever, and even

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The average reader may question whether the urethral glands are suf-

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anasarcous and dropsical effusion into the areolar tissue

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to become confused and cannot take in the full import

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most cases very decidedly furred and fissured. It is

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The roots should be planted in rows about six inches

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to a hard road between twenty and thirty feet below.

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Tihs t^ riff grain. In 17 there were no serious symptoms; among the 6

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cal purposes ; that the operator must be licensed under

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is affected. This drops out first at the outer angles of

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profession, not so much because of the invariably superior advantages of

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general contraction, plus the persistent irritation and hypertrophy of

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runs in the bed of the natural drainage line of the

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Our methods of analysis are very accurate, and it is

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and swelling. Hemorrhagic infarctions were numerous.

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to happen on the third day in connection with the usual

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mate the fundus uteri to the abdominal wall, after separating the adhesions, by

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distally to the upper thii-d of the thigh or upper arm.

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ed over with paste till a smooth surface is obtained.

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