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Although I have had personally no experience of the

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ishment as would be at all suflficient to account for serious disorder of

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peculiar lesion to the stapes, the other ossicles remaining in sitti. Second, it

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pointed knife, with a narrow blade, I have always found

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motor as distinct from sensory paths, or which might involve one or the

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the pulse rose to 72 and the respirations fell to 22, becoming

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as in the anaesthetic form, is not infrequent in this

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iodol was given in doses of fifteen to forty-five grains a day. Inhalations

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public health and the causes which influence it, and re-

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occurring in the hip -joint in the squatting and sartorial

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He considered that a furnace for the purpose of cremating

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to transcribe an abstract from his letter to Dr. Felkin.

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cluded from the operation Avound. In this very large

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of them is here given with date and place of operation and name of

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or it sees a fancied connection between the shapes of

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a pure culture of this form of the parasite. In the Other case

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oil-cake, and then wrapped up in plantain or other leaves

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far as I could learn, though, of course, it was well

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late, and since the application of bacteriological methods,

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at the periphery of the crust. There was no case of

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shown, and no disturbance in the general condition of the child was observed.

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inflammation. The formation of these " buds " or septa is of great

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river the character of its banks (showing whether gross

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turers saj', that a certain proportion of this is absolutely neces-

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questionably good practice, now becoming quite general, of withholding

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however readily taking up the stain. In fact, as is seen

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though intended only for the removal of storm water,

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The wounds healed quickly, and I had them both under obser-

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serviceable in relieving pain, and decidedly superior to both antipyrin and

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We now know that there are many forms of bacteria which, when

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u.l classes of the people, from the richest to tlie poorest,

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As to its relations to scurvy, he sajs : " I am strongly of

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