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case external to the old shaft ; he wishes the necrosed tissue to be replaced
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him a probable explanation. These toxines might, or might
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cular names and reputed properties. In course of time
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were either clerks, book-keepers, or in a higher sphere of life.
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originality, and has repeated them as follows in a letter to the Editor of The
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Hagenbach {Ibid.), in discussing more particularly the clinical side of the
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conjunction with the determination of chlorides, as
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is very poisonous. There are no botanical characters,
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previously in antiseptic solution and applied, moist ab-
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at Jhelum, I again tried the prophylactic efiPect of
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from all the patients i have treated, at least for the time
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to dominate a large section of gynecologists. We know an eye doctor
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their way into various distant parts of the body, even blocking the
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a mortality of 23,80 per cent., and 394 by foreign surgeons, with a mortality
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1882, made those observers who gave it internally, or who made use of
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much stronger than the statistics of their prevalence
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The following case is a striking instance of a very severe form of
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gaping holes, and tlie whole upper alveolar arch and
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in a position from which it may he readily drawn upon
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some important dietetic considerations underlying cal-
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instances in which the disease ran its course in a few
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well adapted to the needs of the human organism as at any time in four
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In the September issue of the Indian Medical Gazette
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procal relation between the skin and kidneys is well-
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"Absolute accuracy of diagnosis in the abdomen [!] is very far from being
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rhoea; 20th, croupy cough, temperature 103^; 23(1, weaker, dyspnoea;
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of the forearm without injuring either. Not so with the
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the first case the worms were coiled up in a mass, but
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to sanitation is put on a thorough statistical basis.

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