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aged eighteen years, was admitted into the General Infirmary at Leeds

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first-born of the parents who are necessarily the objects

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of my expectations which, in my old age, I cannot hope

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If you examine the specimen tracing sent round, you

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atmospheric influence, but a specific micro-organism, Avhich much

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ranted to cure dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea,

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Europeans, which he had met with at Bangalore during

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nasal region, is of undoubted value. For some eighteen months I have

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chronic mania with paroxysms of exacerbation, in all cases of brain

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sewage enters the river at night, when the pumps are

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Bengal has, no doubt, been already realized. It is in'

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tion of the cornea. The ophthalmoscopic examination reveals nothing dis-

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administer datura to their husbands ia this manner,

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Schiiller employed steel pins of different lengths inserted into the affected

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I may convince doubters that they are not only justifi-

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confined to the skin covering the second and third phalanges.

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generally indicates that there is a similar inflammatory

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The patient had several large loose dejections on the third day, and im-

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the fact that a large proportion of his puerperal patients suffered from septi-

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Pulsating pleurisy usually occurs in cases in which the fluid has

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agent, introduced from without, or whether it may have

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ture labor ensued ; the foetus exhibited upon the corresponding portions of

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is provided with Health Officers and Analysts, little can be done

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which they have no connexion, the syphilitic chancre.

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rounding skin remaining perfectly healthy. The child

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" the storage of lymph in any way whatever, and even

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Code. But even the sections 272 and 273 of the Code,*

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that its introduction would be attended by great reduc-

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pelvic contraction of moderate degree Tarnier's forceps may be applied to the

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well-being. Attention has also been recently directed to

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of treating the relapses, while with the former the gynecologist has

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Malarial degeneration or atrophi/ oj the heart also

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fusiform aneurism of the aorta (not including the dilatations of the

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slight exophthalmus and struma, with great palpitation. In spite of varying

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hereditarily. But this latter point, however, to my

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mille. In many other villages also which I visited in

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