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downward tendency in his health, which necessitated his taking-

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took back with them to Hunza and Nagar the germs of

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always forcibly egotistical, is an interesting one and

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1803, but it was not till 1871 that any serious measures

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of the Bengal Municipal Act protects to some extent the Euro-

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results may he considered the key to the successful treat-

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regard to the action and uses of medicines. That improved editions

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suspect that its advent is delayed only by the uncertainty of financial

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Salicine. — These having failed, we have occasion to

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works, designed by the Sanitary Engineer of the period

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cannot afford to refer the observation of suspects to the

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Jails have suffered chiefly, only three cases with one

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he had no doubt, from the many cases he had observed,

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of the child in the different races, the whole gamut of

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1 2 per cent, of our fevers are due to Laveran's disease,

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that in cases of suspected poisoning by arsenic chemical analysis

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the rule even in temperate climates. " This intermittent

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ataxia, or of ophthalmoplegia and general paralysis of the insane.

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before extraction. To him tlie explanation of this portion seem-

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childhood — i. e., the insanities appearing in both sexes before the period

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sive, they frequently decline to use quinine. Recently,

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for the operation are perforating ulcer, some cases of necrosis, and pain,

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the river, from which the drinking water of the town is

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is self-evident. In the Bombay Depot about 700 calves

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attack of bronchitis. The severity of the disease alone

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Lectures (1892)," to point out the three forms of uric acid

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months, the condition of raisins. He has tried the pro-

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does not appear to have received the attention which it

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The profession, as well as the laity, may be divided into two classes:

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were found. In the secretion of acute cases bacilli were found only after the

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by the foremost animals was filled up as fast as it was

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" Enteric Fever in India," p. 21. (<?) An account by acorrtspon-

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fracture of the skull to the optic foramen, and from the wounding within the

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