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ail its bearings. Let me read to you the following extracts
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medical officers in charge of corps units, and these
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a neurosis pure and simple, but it is more frequently the result of increased
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and joints. They appear symmetrical in the distribution of deformities
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The system in India, by which reliance was placed for first aid
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human being and the donkey ; but all failed to effect
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and circumstances. As might be expected, the soles of
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contact, such as eating together out of the same dish,
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line emulsion. Bacteriological tests show it to be a stronger antiseptic than
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and black cataracts are generally diflicult to extract
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sides the true conjugate and the line joining its anterior extremity and
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is still one possible source of impurity in the water-
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entire disc of bone in the opening, a proceeding which
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The nasal method, the cheek-flap method, the arm-flap
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when an inguinal hernia exists — a factor which so
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of fatty degeneration of the hepatic cells immediately
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read the dial of the clock before mentioned, at four or
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a tuning-fork which will flare at the end of the tines, and be also weighted
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scientific, as it secures a continuance of the safety-
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Dante Cervesato {Lo Sperlmentale, Sept. 1888, quoted by Wien. 7ned.
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as acetate of lead, quinine dusting, solution of perchlo-
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eral acids, and vinegar; no proof of the transmission to the child could be
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use is far more liable to abuse and is essentially more unphysiological.
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January 1893, he began a series of sixty washings — Result,
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Rossi found to 71 prisoners, 5 insane parents, 6 insane
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This subject is evidently not a favorite one with him, and is dismissed in
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system of vaccination in Bengal would be interesting
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Centralblatt fur Augenheilkunde, Dr. Inouye, of Tokio, Japan, describes
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deal less than one farthing sterling. By this step the
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or slight, and the nervous symptoms well-marked. Such
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such cases cannot be diagnosed from the genuine con-
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These particularities in their osteology are decidedly

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