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1. Enucleation of fibroids of the corpus uteri should only be attempted

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author, it does not stand in any causal relation to

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civilization, which Carlyle says " is merely a covering

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and posterior surfaces of the cartilage, caused the posticus paralysis, and

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way connected with imperfect absorption of the foetal

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was 81'2 per mille in 1893, in Jeypore it was 72*1, in

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Introdnctory. — Whether typhus fever is_ one of the

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happen again ; and if specific enteric stools chance to

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of a century ago. To-da/ in the town of Calcutta more

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tration from simple inflammatory induration. Insurmountable diflSculties in

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never heard of it before ; the Burmans have a great

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contract malarious fever, or whose systems are inocu-

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disturbed chemical processes of digestion, and in this way often cure the

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markable features was that there was not more marked

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been present in the cases of arsenical poisoning ex-

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extensive cases trouble sometimes occurs from cicatrisa-

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for it at the end of the season, and in default that the

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fibula, which to the length of three inches liquefied and

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vision of the Medical Officer. To prevent swindling and exor-

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cholagogues. They have a very salutary effect upon the

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the residt is the same, and those who plead for this

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all well secured with iron clampsl He also provided

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detective officer or prison official could pick them out

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turbinated bone. Only 10 deviations of the cartilage were observed in

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and since we can hardly suppose that the disease has

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occur annually where the poison has been administered

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Berlin surgical wards is owing their freedom from infectious germs,

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as in its more persistent demonstrations, is associated

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deaths in jails and twelve admissions with seven deaths

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hospitals and charitable dispensaries all over the coun-

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modern civilization has done much to mitigate its worst

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