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by crops, and the spleen percentage has dropped from

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Looking at the hands placed close together, that which is most strik-

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sive sublimate lotion, the spring speculum is intro-

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not a sentient being ? Are their sufferings beneficent to

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use a .-top speculum. The section made by a Graefe's

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of tlie disease. From the Health Officer's (Calcutta) report in

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rash appeared there would be a fall of two degrees as

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of procidentia of the cervix, which protruded from the labia three inches,

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considered this case either an exceptional manifestation

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Toward the first of June, after a not very severe illness, convalescence

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occasionally higher. When it is prolonged over several

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into the bone. The pains are remarkably constant, often

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in the form of conclusions, must frequently be added, so that a correct

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tites, passions, and moral impulses, normal and abnormal,

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Confining ourselves to the estimation of the organic

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experience, and until twenty years back it scarcely drew

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WiBORGH {Eira, No. 8, 1888) reports a case of tubal pregnancy three

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clearing the nose either by blowing or by medical means.

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Boards as now constituted, and for some time to come

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formed, instead of raising to the level of the reformer.

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in temperate climates, is a rare exception in the tropics.

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and coated ; respirations 36, temperature lOOf °. He was able to lie

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Circumstances conspire to direct attention to this work out of all

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chiefly an hypertrophy of the mucous membrane, but in the unilateral

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him above his rule of thumb. The publisher's part has been well done ;

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the inoculation of the first eye with some drops of a suspension of the

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terial which could be boiled. He thinks bichloride of mercury a dangerous

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Ewart, nor Goodeve, nor Duka ever saw a single case,

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days' diiration from exposure to the sun on the ranges.

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following is an analysis of the cases treated : —

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sent time, the recommendations to control the sale of

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tures from the pseudo-membrane of the tonsils and the necrotic tissue

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between the hurtful and the innocent germs than the

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