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liquefaction having in most instances already occurred.

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1 Amcr. SyRtcni Gynernlojcy, rol. ii. 3 Munatscbrift fUr GeburtsIiUlfe, Maj, IMO.

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found to be congestion, infarcts, luemorrhages, thickening or

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18. In one case the medical attendant says that the

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l.s^;. — It minimizes the chances of iritis supervening,

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inflammatory action set up and required for the absorp-

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(1) On the occurrence of cholera, suspicious diarrhoea or

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the case. Photomicrographs illustrating many of the

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like the arm, and one meant to bear weight like the leg. Fibrous bands

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received at any moment, sets up destructive inflammation.

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procedure is to consign all such corpses to the crema-

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sisting of an atrophy of the nerve elements and hypertrophy of the con-

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which were absent in beri-beri ; and f onrth, the pre-

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Thus while the researches of Loeffler led the way along lines which

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his neighbours' money or goods than earn his living

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tracts and of the Bhabar and Tarai districts are of

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Co. between Nulkool (Balasore) and Cuttack ; in No.

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She removed the last stool of this patient, which was

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vomit. The same precautions respecting the drainage arrange-

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strikes, may be deficient in quantity or defective in

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find in how much shorter time the case will be fit to

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time, has given his views on the subject in the elaborate

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of the wound do not come together so neatly as when

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with microorganisms, and the doubtful, and at all events comparatively

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the different springs ; all — as before shewn — contain the

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to do so) at the other, and makes as little demand upon

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In inoculating calves for the cultivation of vaccine

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