Prostate Flomax Vs Avodart Mutuabile

was 45*82 per mille, while in jails and asylums it was
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different to that which I desire to recommend to your
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drugs from the restrictions imposed by the Municipal
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prevailing at the lock-up. I reported the disease to be
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never put, or put for a short time only, to the mother's
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beri-beri did not appear to have any distinctive features entitling
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Language of Medicine. By F. R. Campbell, A.M., M.D. 61
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article of diet for infants. There is no question about
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10-14, 1888), described at the Congress two cases of polyotia, and showed the
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the germ theory receive due recognition. These discoveries have given
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disease. The tendon reflexes are increased, and are never absent. There
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and period that has probably elapsed since the death
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this the child went down so rapidly that, during my absence in September,
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hitherto declined to take action in the matter, and on
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into an irregular sac, giving rise to the presence of tumor, which may be per-
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that ratti paste imtroduced in the body of an animal in the
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treating specific symptoms, such as night-sweats, wakefulness, diar-
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the causal relation of the bacillus tuberculosis to phthisis. It is his
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ding of the epithelium of the tubules ; the kidneys of
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Mr. Southam thinks that the case illustrates the following points: 1. Both
prostate flomax vs avodart mutuabile
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standard of quality as it was in former years. Similar-
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in what proportion of fatal cases of poisoning of all
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said he thought a tropical climate forced on the commencement
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of selected lives taken from an agricultural district. The
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tioutaniination, it becomes, I urge, a duty of primary
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Dr. Samuel W. Gross contributes the section upon " Tumors of the
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Should the missing soldier not be found the safety of
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a correct statement : In 7 cases fever was cured under creasote treat-
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dhai or nm'se, whose principal avocation is to assist
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channels, pipes, and other things connected with the
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of pain, of vomiting, of persistent thirst, of purging,
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heart — and it is this : I do not think I have done any harm to any of my

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