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diphtheria he isolated the genuine Loeflfler bacilli. But these, in one

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International Congress Hygiene, 1891, Vol. III., p. 170.

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appeared at the orifice of the wound, which gradually increased until a T-

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defective ventilation, but though the recommendaiions

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do with Mr. Tait's denial of, or scepticism in regard to, ovarian ])reg-

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medical science of Europe, it evolved, but which lingers

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solar plexus account for the gaseous distention of the abdomen, the constipa-

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difficult. In only one case was a simple perforation

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The external tuberosity of the tibia has its condylar

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of the sacrum. Forceps were applied to the head and entrusted to an assistant ;

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pints ; in case No. 8 the cyst contained thirty-five

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Provinces and Behar, buffalo milk is chiefly used by all

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They, in addition to performing sanitary duty, formed detec-

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to carry on such business, and must undertak<i to conform

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For at the present time there is no law in India re-

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allowed to stray over the land, and it is by far the best

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enteric occurring. I hold the opinion that the latter

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proportion of teetotalers admitted with enteric, which

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years of age, on whom he had operated, died one year later from a local recur-

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that it has been found impossible to avoid abuse. This

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If he have fewer accidents than his fellows, let him

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periods following snowfall and stormy weather in the

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" Dictionary of Practical Medicine," which, though now

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subject, in which unfortunately the results have been

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irritation about these parts. The poisoned ball of cotton

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composing a treatise on materia medica. It is needless to add, that his

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case the colour had vanished on the following morning,

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in the direction of the European type between the ages

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appearance of the latter takes place. The ulcers which

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rowed, etc. Possibly a taint of syphilis may have some-

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about 1^' inch in diameter, length from base to apex

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of the month the weather was very rough in the North-

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signs, as indicating a lessening of the activity of the septic process. Hyper-

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