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are shortened, and the terminal ones over-extended. The little finger
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" In some cases at once after the injury, in others after an interval of
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both morphologically and by cultures, the bacilli do not seem to have
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in each case was disproportion between foetus and pelvis, not absolute pelvic
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function and even alteration in the normal condition
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because of the low vitality caused by the syphilitic
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care to the legislator according to the modern concep-
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sanitary organization that appears to be the most pos-
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time a framboesia eruption over his whole body ; he
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161 had this condition ; in 51 it was bilateral, and 110 unilateral.
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months in hospital. Dec. 20th, croupy cough, relieved by emetic. 21st,
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dose is ordered every three hours, so that if it is taken wdth absolute
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will amount to very little if there be no reawakening of the resistance to the
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in most countries who is allowed to prescribe, sell or
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malaral cachectic element. For the former frequent irrigation of
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J. Chaytor White (Mirzapur) said that sepoys in the Mey-
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after the heavy fall of rain in the hills and elsewhere
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So far as the chain coccus is concerned, although he apparently found
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strj'chuine and ether were tried but to no purpose. The man
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J. B. Scriven, of Lahore, nor sounder and more brilliant
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It has seemed to me that aneurismal dilatation of the aorta is a more
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with the narratives of two unusual cases of peripheral palsy.
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individuals saturated with malaria, and modified somewhat in its course
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on by departmental vaccinators in all the provinces,
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that I have found the local abstraction of a small quan-
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world. I am able to corroborate this assertion by my
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to the abstract measures and reforms necessary, but they
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deal of tearing in the final removal of a tumour by its
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the epiglottis, and shows that the only practical method of attaining this
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year there were two operations in this hospital, both
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panied by a rash ; for, in the large number of cases seen,
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thick yellowisii scabs or incrustations not unlike those observed
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although, in the evening, he will fully grasp the refined
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ness and precision.^ It implies no lack of respect for the conscientious

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