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their period would have come on than is common with
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within a yard of the open door. He was lying on his
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have carried all before it. The case illustrates well the
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state of affairs by other officers in the service, have
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ficial wound is also closed by a continuous buried suture, and is covered with
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freely use her knee without pain up to a right angle. She has come
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ject, either in the Hindu period or in the days of the
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mately correct, the only conclusion we can come to is
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Apostoli and others have produced their effects upon uterine tumors. How-
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well protected. It was distril)uted in galvanised pipes. There
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There can be no doubt that these processes, going on
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recorded in which, without any external wound, hemorrhage into the vitreous
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that, in order to effect an uncertain amount of saving
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treated in the Bhabar and Tarai dispensaries in 1886
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must, I think, attribute this fact mainly to a predisposi-
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ing instrument being sometimes productive of unexpected benefit.
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nerves. The increase in the arterial pressure, which is
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Wine was a very expensive item in the cost of treat-
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ther, there is a distinct type of malarial liver charac-
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in the cranium under the dixca mater was a consider-
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On admission she was extremely anasmic and there was extensive
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the Orchid Sativum Nepalense. It either or both on their being
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heemoptysis ceased in from 10 to 20 minutes after 15-
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and following the re-action the production of a tumour
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easily digested food, such as fish, chicken, eggs and
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this varying from a slip on the sidewalk or a fall from a chair to a descent of
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the increase in the percentage of cases of goitre treated
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on in the upper layers of the soil — a fight between
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unimportant role in the production of tabes. In this case the syphilitic infec-
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at end of tube; broncho-pneumonia in both lower lobes. Bacterial
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however, there was slight swelling below the angle of
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anything to do with the occurrence of eclampsia ? Of the
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circumstances are met by the inspiratory effort which,

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