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point, which has not, I believe, received the attention it
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he put in, it is impossible to get characteristic pearly
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lic opinion on the subject rests with you, gentlemen.
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myself of this unusual opportunity to note its points
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of the urine and feces excreted. The results showed that in passive conges-
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1 consider this point as one of the greatest advantages
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that the cholera vibrio is itself variable, but that artificial
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patches, togetlier with considerable numbers of scattering forms. Among
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how _ are the others, we may ask, to be dealt with and
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forms of phlegmonous cellulitis after slight injuries?
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of our Indian ancestors in ophthalmic medicine have
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if taken direct from a public supply, or from a house
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contributing evidence of such moderate value, in the present st^te of our knowledge, that it does
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reviews at great length the literature of the above subject, gives an elaborate
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rigid personal attention to sanitary details ; to the care-
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gathered seed was boiled with a little water for thirty
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" We have from time to time called attention to the great dan-
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pect would compare well with the healthiest town in the
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25. The truth of the statement that cholera is a pre-
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of an artery : first, anything that diminishes the resistance or elasticity
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Presidencies of India can render immense service to
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pilgrims our death-rate from cholera would be reduced to
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Hundreds of people can talk for one that can think, but
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In 1857 the Royal Sewage Commissioners laid it down
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was lately drawn to the subject, in connection with the
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Jouhert thought these precautions were unnecessary, as the lateral
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tion in the fluids and tissues of the human body, and
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is unknown in nature. The different natural waters used
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long-range projectile, if it strikes at all, has sufficient
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explained the system, and showed that the European records
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following one another. Practically all the children
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