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sion of the kidney more likely to be complicated by peritoneal injury.
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gone through the " chorda dorsalis " and " branchial
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(1) A piped water-supply will be laid on from the muni-
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i'og of animals. It is rare in Europe, but very prevalent
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thus tlie experiment, whose object is to secure the largest
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forms : One a small papular eruption (lichen), rather
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It will at once be seen that these phenomena can bring about but one
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of the opinion that many other symptoms attributed to nasal reflex are to be
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experiments. And first I draw attention to some impor-
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which lead to the formation of calculi in the kidneys
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in which the lymphatic glands are enlarged and vanccse
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Commissioner's tables for many years back 28 per thousand of
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tion of his methods and an illustration of his mental characteristics that
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That the latter gave better results than quinine, and
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factors at work are, as we have shown, — (1) the great
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any rate, this slight inconvenience did not prevent a
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a narrow band just outside the biceps, as if its anterior part were less
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a hypodermatic syringe, the nozzle of which pierces the covering without
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was the British officer who suffered. The natives about
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tion being substituted for that of the de novo origin of the
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If the new bone be removed on one side, the cases heal much quicker.
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wife, a young girl only 14 years of age, by giving her
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of suici Je also occurring in the families of respectable
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with a clerk, is probably all the establishment required.
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two deaths. One was in a lad suffering at the time of admission from
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patrol, the constables and chaukidars having given beats.
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than in flesh diet, but the great point is that the
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from either root is the same, and is as follows : Crush and
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deal those of elephantiasis ; sometimes they are in parts
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tation with diluted nitro-muriatic acid. This is, indeed,
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process was slow, and as late as November of the same year there were
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Cases No. 3 & 4. — A pup belonging to me, not a year old,

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