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Ptomaims. — If it is true that ptomaines are cada-

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of warm water seemed to be the strength. borne the best; administered once

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restricted by questions of Imperial financial policy.

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many of the woodcuts are of rather inferior quality. These are, however,

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sensory disturbances differ in their distribution from those due to any

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so-called motor and neuro-vascular affections of the upper respiratory

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(2) That the disease, like syphilis, is frequently at-

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we had just sent 117 prisoners taken at Nilt to Gilgit in

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induce the people to give up inoculation irithotit actu-

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do not indicate that the disease has shown a special

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none in one instance. In 42 cases no mention is made.

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swollen and red. Kidneys, parenchymatous degeneration. Bacterial

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ing one, which was untenanted. In all, thirteen persons

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It has also been noticed that in some cases the later

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cholera ; in cases in which this did not happen, the

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tehsildar, they had upon the whole not behaved badly,

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in vain efforts to escape, we hear little, and of the

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include re-vaccinations, and we know how re-vaccination

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or other of the headings given there, but the thing

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the eyelid closed over gently for a little while before

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and complete, which belonged to any particular class.

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A similar resolution was carried at the International

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able attempt made of which there is any record to im-

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account of the difficulties of the task. We are now,

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these consequences, and sometimes, when the case has

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they pure cases of enteric fever, in which the febrile

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lobular growth, and from that of alcoholism in the greater coarseness of the

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French marine favour the exhibition of quinine. But

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dish brown patches (mottling), not raised, and which

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occurs about five times per annum ! Again, in Madras,

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vents ulceration from the end of the canula. In removing these tampons

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families in which it affected several children in quick

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