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The most important catarrh, however, is that of the

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Another account of the origin of poisons is mentioned

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suria in the young and the chronic in those more ad-

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Practical Hints. — Every one should attend himself

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collected for its elucidation. By this method alone

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more or less fulness of the thyroid gland and the force

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more important duties which are liable to be abused

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recipe is : 1 cup of Graham flour; 1 cup of the best bran previously scalded

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privilege has already been taken advantage of to the

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answer the purpose be employed. When, however, there is dangerous hyper-

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In a paper recently published in the " Indian Medical

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took the matter up, but without result. In 1852 Dr.

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the author first reviews some of the cases of the former disease which have

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were appointed at home and those who were entertain-

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argues that the condition is essentially the same as one of traumatic

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geal tonsil, are atrophied, and those which have not undergone sclerosis

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brain disease I have often seen the combination give great relief and

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usually semi-solid, and do not separate into two strata.

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paralysis, generally oedema and effusion of fluid into

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Evidently, either the period has been miscalculated,

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without suflFering from any positive disease, are failing

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Pampas. All these are purely carnivorous races, or sec-

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the theory had not undergone the development it has

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•field for indulgence in promiscuous intercourse that is

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Rosthorn ( Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, Nos. 27 and 28, 1888) reports

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of operating, the mortality rate has diminished from 12.8 per cent, to 9.4 per

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tions for tuberculous disease, that the raw surface may become inoculated

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represent aU snake bite cases treated by him, or whet her

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rain, culminating in ton'ents at daybreak, the only

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like organized thrombi, in which trabeculse of variable thickness, divid-

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bined effects, and that according as the one poison is

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