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sification founded on mere thermometric types of fever,
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failed to detect any foreign substance. I then enlarged
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The points of most interest are the peculiar deformities, the apparent
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poisoning in many cases are practically identical with
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ment began. Unfortunately, the weight used for extension was too
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those I have seen did not attract my attention to the
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of the cause of death of 2852 men, taken from the tables of the Collective In-
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sion of the enquiry as to the kind of water that is
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by diseased matter left behind, and the progress of the disease be more
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no pain or photophobia, and no change in the anterior part of the eye, but
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affections of the bones and other chronic signs. Affec-
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the Government mxy be prepared to deal with the question
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pints ; in case No. 8 the cyst contained thirty-five
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am inclined at present to accept the latter, rather than the former
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Witli these few additions, the Sections 364, 365, 366
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current year six samples of a stock of medicines which
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and assert that it is a neurosis originating either in an
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inal tumors, as practised by Naunyn in over one hundred cases. The stomach
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the flexor aspect of thighs and arms, neck, pudenda a id
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ed will he from fully-charg, d cartridge's at varying dis-
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the plea of ignorance or indifference. Some among us are naturally
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degeneration of it, the absorption of the carbo-hydrates is but little impaired.
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and as the result of his elaborate research much valuable knowledge
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the treatment of anteflexion, he would, perhaps, banish Thomas's and
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really result in much good. An ideal sanitary deparr-
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which he belonged, because he had been bred a surgeon.
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were removed ; the patient rapidly recovered. Examination showed ruptured
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examination — Morphological : Everywhere in the pseudo-membrane and

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