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results so far as they have gone of fourteen cases. Three are still under treat-
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examined. On the following day (in some cases on the
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mological Society, 1887, p. 505), has something of the same advantage.
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were carrying out a command, and although afraid, their discipline was
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Government property in their possession, such as lancets,
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Coming now to the Italian physicians, notable results
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principally attacked were on non-irrigated and high-
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a detailed description of the bile- ducts and drawn
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into the larger bronchi ; tracheal wall at the lower end of tube eroded ;
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local Inpectorof Police and the Medical Officer. Every faciliiy
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from his reach, and a constant guard should be maintained in cases of
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following results : From 1848 to 1894 (August) there
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proportion to the destruction of the liver-cells. I was
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2. Karu [Picrorhiza Kurrooa). — Although consider-
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any useful classification on such types as these. Put-
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TVfT Q hrvrvi i>i"l AT^iinl Roliitvi A oof" sJiitttH T. "ItT
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which, for the pvirpose of knowing whether their filters
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were accordingly resumed at intervals of ten minutes,
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questioned he said he had not had any sore throat, neither had there
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were removed to the Hardwar General Dispensary, the
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portion of the thorax ; and a third, the largest of the three, on the left postero-
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high with slight variations. Doses higher than eight
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mous disease is largely due to the fact that immobilization can be main-
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the crime of self-Jestruction, nor is it probable that re-
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generally in proportion to the severity of the fever, and the degree to
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large renal abscess evacuated and drained, but no stone was found. The
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Circle I consists of villages lying along the Hansi

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