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ingly severe and prolonged, or which present marked

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were made so characteristic by the partial paralysis with which they were

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5i years ago, almost complete occlusion of the vagina

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is usually prominent ; the ears are large and outstand-

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the evil results of extension in the treatment of fractures

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Part can be instantaneonsly and completely separated

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water up the nostrils), two or three times a day, with

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been previously obtained. That it does so is beyond

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throttling, of a human hand. The lungs floated in waller, and the police sur-

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walls, especially of the strong, healthy, plethoric,

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venting their development. These properties and this power are not

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treating the wounds which are inflicted by them. The

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buted to all applicants, with the result that, before

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may amount to diarrhoea when the doses are large. It

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febriculse or short attacks of ague. Medical officers,

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interior of the joints, or the tendinous extremities of

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In total necrosis separation of the shaft may spontaneously occur very

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transpiration and growth will be fairly regular. From experiments

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sequestra and shell seemed inextricably mixed up, I performed it last

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â– visible for four or five hours in the day owing to fog.

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A consultation was called by the house physician. Dr. Robert Bradley,

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child having died later of peritonitis, it was shown at the post-mortem exami-

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risks arising from ignorant or careless compounding,

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As food an exclusive milk diet is generally considered to be the best,

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causes. It is well established that deviations of the septum occur in

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conditions of lunacy are best lefl without medicine, and allowed to roam

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clear definition of the terms employed, and of any clinical

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month by the inspectors, sub-inspectors and vaccinators,

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usual result. They are applicable even in the advanced

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racking convulsions frequently occur in 24 hours), I

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native troops alone, who should have charge of all the

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clinic immediately brought the symptoms back with such violence that it was

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the present system. One of the largest Municipal towns in

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then serving in the civil line might join the Army at

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(3) The subordinate in charge of each sanitary section

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