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into the system by the bite — it must always remain

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of the kind were advertised very extensively in this

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period in tlie case of the Indian women, is due to the fact that

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may be simulated by visible intestinal coils. But the presence of these car-

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youths of to-day, have resulted in a most deplorable

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wells, and it is remarkable that wherever the source

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performed fourteen operations with four deaths and ten

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when the eye is examined under the ophthalmoscope or

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a day or two later. But most people object to punctur-

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Soon local feelings of cold appeared. This stiffness and pain became so

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pyrexia, such as heat of the body, frequency of pulse

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true, we get a typical case, but in the majority of in-

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carbon monoxide. The main facts will be seen in the following

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January 22, 1888, Dr. Hardee was again consulted; the examination

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is well-known that the steamers, and towed barges and

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the whole, does harm in an ordinary case of pneumonia with a temperature

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believes that in Alpine districts again it might occur at any time, while its

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authors— Drs. Flint* and Dillingham,'* from the wards of Dr. J. H.

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St. Bartholomew's Hospital in 1892, ten times as many

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is obvious from the single fact, apart from others, that

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like the natives of India for salt, and a large amount

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ed to" work independently as in the campaign of 1870.

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manner ; their homes are usually situated somewhere

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gives a table of the muscular nuclei of the brachial enlargement, extending

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chial and tracheal lymph glands swollen and red. Kidneys, parenchy-

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