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of increasing the intravascidar coagulability is by the

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collected the sand from the nearest river-bed. It was open to

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advantages are its bulk and insolubility ; its action is slow. Other observers

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apparent independence of the system of water-supply —

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the wound of the cyst were stitched to the abdominal wound, and a largo

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for the fissure of Rolando, the most important of all the fissures of the

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" ragi " takes first place. All millets rank as dry

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run lead to much confusion, it is necessary to raise a timely caution, and

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Rs. 15,600 per annum, or Rs. 46,800 for the three years,

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tion for these, adulteration is practised to a very large

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in damp localities, and supplies a favorite but partial

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is wasted for want of proper control. These bodies first think

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has also been used in painful chest affections as shown in

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primarily affected regain their power. In some instances, internal

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on the right leg. The wounds were attended to immediately,

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11th June 1891, i.e., six months after manufacture.

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conditions may he ameliorated, removed or prevented hy

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Municipal Consolidation Act which relate to the sale

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of our knowledge, I am not prepared to say that it is

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regard to the action and uses of medicines. That improved editions

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14. The contraction of the tendons and fasciaj, and

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the district, yet in none did the disease assume any tiling ap-

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cal analysis only, or both. Such information is no doubt

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1860-61 in jails for native prisoners the mortality

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the 31st March last? — are teetotalers, there is all the

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of the population. As regards other cases of non-fatal

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also made notes of the same fact in a good many cases

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breast, and fed with cow's, goat's or ass's milk, or with

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the population is both scanty and widely scattered,

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asks and receives its share from Municipal and Local

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