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ance, so long as she conceals her hands and feet, affords

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or into tubercular tissues. The pain of the operation may be much dimin-

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necessity," admitting for mere convenience the plea of

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formis of Hebra constitutes a distinct morbid entity and cannot be included in

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phied tissue, together with the tonsils, if enlarged, was

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them the duty of submitting to the supervision of the

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latter possess any remedial properties. Are we serious-

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writings of Bosworth, of New York ; Mackenzie, of Baltimore ; and

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those applicable to native combatants employed side

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being so diminished, there is not such a tendency to

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2nd. — Simple local ailministrative machinery for the initia-

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she has spent on the seashore, chiefly at Narragansett Pier, and up to

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accompanying fever, yet in some Instances the conges-

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was till lately thought a form of syphilis, but now is

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normal. More energetic stimulation is frequently called for; Seiler's

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In other cases the stools consist of a dark, greenish,

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It has been also found efficacious in the vomiting of

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the pass (by no means clean people) ' than in previous

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Berlin surgical wards is owing their freedom from infectious germs,

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termine the sequence and period of application of these measures, both

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External applications over the liver, such as blisters,

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Among' the natives several varieties of puiaiigi nre spoken of,

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his food apart, even from his nearest relatives. The

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of the heart. Does Indian experience homologate this

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stage, 1 case was cured, 2 cases improved, 1 case remained stationary ;

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factor in the diffusion of enteric fever, it becomes our

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Case VI. — Revd. Father P., missionary in Tanjore, contracted

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heightened blood pressure, and of the defective contrac-

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(1) That the eruption, is generally likened to some

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feet up to 12,000 feet ; in fact the majority of; the cases were at

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have stated, and notwithstanding their imperfect character in many

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Senior Surgeon to St. Mark's Hospital, etc. Edited and Revised with

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diarrhoea, and without splenic tumor ; nine months had elapsed since con-

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smoke it for the sake of its stimulant and narcotic pro-

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of water, which is most valuable. The organic matter,

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