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moved- {2nd) Although the initial outlay is less than in

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ger to the public and tl>e serious encouragement to the criminal

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of the ear amount to four or five per cent. Sometimes the ear is affected only

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It lasts two or three days only, if the patient be treated indoors, but removal

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using them ending in a fumbling, flail-like movement of the wrist-joint

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employed needlessly. Antipyrin and antifebrin will often act very

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European drugs. But this legislation, though hi<;l;ly desirable,

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the hills around Simla, and of the existence of which

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It is necessary, in order to deal with any question

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{(/) The deeD ulcerative and destructive phase of th^

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wood is so poor and so full of salt that it is unsaleable

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blood, the physiology of respiration, the functions of

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1. The place where the frambce.5ia infection occurs

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pared by tlie same standard. Butter, too, from different places,

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recognizing acetone in the urine, and describes a modification of the quanti-

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experiences of the extended outbreak in 1876-77 : —

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prevent individuals with a suicidal mania from destroying them-

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mentioned. Very probably it does not, but if it does,

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early European practitioners, who, in most subjects,

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were readily procurable in plenty in the house, and the

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milk and thus to sell it. The extent of adulteration

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lentin Ireland ahuuilredyeura ago. Dr. (afterwards Sir) Doininick

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get mixed up, but they also run the risks accompanying

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has to overcome. Of late, I have been using the freshly

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made to establish either alternative, and so I think we

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the town is built, and its numerous narrow streets,

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excision and amputation, and I must say that with extended experience

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far as I could learn, though, of course, it was well

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proposed by a municipality. It is not the function of

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the tibia and fibula. She can raise the legs as a whole against only a

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it is coated over with a layer of lymph and soft phosphatic deposit. In the

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