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tress for want of water. Palki and doolie bearers, travelling
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accepted as applying to analogous processes in surgery and obstetrics.
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be of much use in cases in which the microbe possesses
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remedial agents used with scarcely any marked improve-
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end was obtained. Among natives, who have such strong pre-
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cidence of suicide by poisoning eq iivalent to 3"55 per
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have been avoided under efiicient antisepsis ; and two by hemorrhage into
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permeable, and with but little resistance to the flow of urine, through
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for obvious reasons, I can only very briefly allude to
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police arrangements I found that in 32 villages or stations
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Meanwhile the low death-rate and absence of epidemic
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be present in the majority of cases ; something more
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of the operation, by tying it first the operator is enabl-
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beds available in hospitals has been largely increased.
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of tea, or small doses of quinine given at the beginning
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and directly related to them through the nervous system, prominent
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women are about equally susceptible to hypnotism. Although so much has \
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the subtraction of a fixed difference, 1.8 cm., was 15.7 cm., an average
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the intervening hills were constantly heard during the
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on fivd to eight successive days : the milk is sterilised without being
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too close to a previous one, if this happens ; on with-
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practitioners. Still, [ point this out as a peculiar
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and different kinds of root fibre, yet occasionally they
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for the technique of which the reader is referred to the classical paper
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peculiarly unfavourable for eventual healing. It seems
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of the whole body as equal to 1,185,000 sq. mm. the surface relation of the
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urements. It was used by Smellie and enabled him to give the first

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