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be decided by the manner in which this important subject is treated.

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in the amount of knowledge upon this point possessed

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that the old stock of lymph with which the work was

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pellicle or membrane. There may be, in connection with or without

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pressure, with or without air expelled, seemed to have

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use. In cases of respiratory affections, its action is

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tions which render it wholly or partially incapable of expansion. By far the

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house where a case of small-pox has occurred. In that island

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ment, and more inclined to trust to the vis medicatrix under favorable

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the jaw and more tenderness, both of which on the day

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to the degeneration and loss of elasticity in the media. The first case

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during a pain, leaving the bit of tape inside the uterus.

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first great opposition against the present trenching

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scopic appearances being such as to indicate that thorough eradication was

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quantity had very little to do with the result of the

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into its cavity, feeling like clots ; these were not disturbed. The edges of

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for a little while his hand was washed quite clean. I

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of its unfitness must be held to outweigh the negative

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generall}' datura, for purposes of theft. It is a class of

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Krafft-Ebing has suggested. The dose is 3J to ij. Chloral hydrate is,

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cleanliness, as my cases occurred in the jungly coolie,

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in K, and hence much salt(NaCi) is required, if dis-

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tion of his methods and an illustration of his mental characteristics that

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cations, the atrophic changes, marked local changes in the temperature,

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should be removed to the Colvin Dispensary, the nearest

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numerous deaths occurring, e.g., in one village of about

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few hours. These abscesses were considered to be due to

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ate it raw. If I was asked to single out one amongst

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I admit, however, that I do not consider the proof to be

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puerperal fever and points of diiference that are hard

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it allowed of a good momentary view. By repeating this once or twice

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