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outer margin is frequently articular on its inferior

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holds as to the natm'e of beri-beri and kala-a^^ar,

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upper part of the jejunum, there were swollen, infiltrated, deeply red regions,

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aconitum fcrox was scarce this year, and that the mild

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much hesitation, assert that an acute inflammatory process is limited to

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concludes that the blueing of Congo cannot, in every case, be taken as abso-

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their vessels, a change, in fact, in the tension through-

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sphenoid [New York Med. Journal, Aug. 11, 1888). All of them manifested

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of the work required ; but I think most of the Civil

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No perichondritis could be assumed to exist, it having presented no

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ance. For these reasons the capsules do not appear to me, at present,

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be found most useful at the very outset of the treat-

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occur even in different forms in the same individual at various times.

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the Board to draw up schemes for any local authority,

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" Ferazee Musalmans object to arm-to-arm vaccination; the}^

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writings of others, or from a case or two, probably sent

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five cases in one day, and on another day of the same

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It is not easy to determine the exact influence of strains or severe

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a larger vesicular area than is possible with the single

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in the furniture or their rooms, nor do they need any fixtures to the

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It is hardly necessary to observe that a liberal sup-

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in each village, as though it had spread from distinct

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cavity, as the discharge from this bad an offensive sm"^ll.

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ruptured. The sequence of events in this case was : —

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wounds of the larger bones will, owing to the resis-

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condition was good, except for the irregular, and sometimes violent

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tity of blood from the temples by the application of 2 to

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