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by means of datura is almost a profession, and many

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had no rese'tiblance to warty excrescences. All tlie cases admitted

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kind of information which will be of use to the water

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medicine. The priests of all religions, as in Europe,

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patrol, the constables and chaukidars having given beats.

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thousand baths which have been administered to fever patients in France

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on the personnel of the field, supplemented by two or more trained

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similarly accounted for. He calls attention to glaucoma and to some other

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Fontana was especially appointed to see the sick in jail

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noticed numbers of cases where the parasite was found,

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forms an universal article of food, as it contains all the

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five kutcha latrines— the nuclei of other important sanitary

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The ideal sanitary departrmnt. — Since vaccination

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was Chief Assistant, and I remember in conversation

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to facilitate the murder by violence of a Hindu male,

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actions of these salts and point out their physiological

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superficial sutures. In two cases, severe suppuration

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of posterior polar cataract explain the condition, for laceration

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apparatus, or filter bed. This has been exhaustively

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' This pelvis was disconnected from the rest of the skeleton, so I could not be certain.

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attached either permanently or temporarily to their

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in hia paper of Braraho Somaj and Native Christian girls were

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Experimental Farm showed that its efficacy was soon

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chronic dysentery, especially when this disease is assum-

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the latter. The condition met with was chiefly that

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