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valescents from acute congestion of the liver, advanced

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which I was to inspect shortly after. I was thus pre-

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tration occurs, half an inch to one inch of the solid

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on post-mortem examination. The weight of the lower

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operation, a layer of damp lint soaked in fi'esh j^ellow

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Another question which arises is the financial one?

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occasionally as liq. morphinoe or as pil. opii. by mouth.

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When the drug was given by the mouth, which was done with 88 patients,

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conditions produce a reverie effect, let us try how we

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of the good appetite which patients taking Carlsbad

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Our paper is intended to demonstrate the need for legisla-

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met with. Ilill diarrhoea and dysentery were dying out. Mis-

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hypertrophied to a far greater extent than is observed in adults and

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in addition to showing the curious course sometimes

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ever juot received from the Magistrate of the district the cho-

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who on one occasion amputated the arm in a shoulder

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crime of poisoning in other provinces unmistakeably

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I hope if any of you have to do duty among coolies in

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The foetus is, as a rule, not particularly effected,

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vided they were only located here for a short time ; but

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rest, and also the extreme irritability of the bladder, which

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fatal disease, characterised by anaemia in an extreme

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Pilgrims travel to this shrine at all times of the year, but there

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2 Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. xiii. p. 152.

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ment of the general health of the patients by a gene-

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accepted as a development of what Miss Cobbe caUs the

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later on, the greater quantity of arsenic in the country

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offer to spend all the little that he possessed to get a

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of them how long the cure lasted ; in some, I know, the cough returned,

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Brandt, Cartwright, Bruns,^ and by De Forest Willard.

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article of diet for infants ; and goats' milk, healthy

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proper digestion and assimilation of food, slowly but

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include those affections of the fauces, pharynx, nose,

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