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sequestrum ; the walls are lined with weak and foetid

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still retain a good and trustworthy vaccinating staff.

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worthy of a carefully observed trial. In a critical case I

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cord, the motor nerves, or the muscles, must cause an impairment or loss

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causing the preservation of tissues. As a matter of fact

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sented at the left sterno-clavicular junction. On the anterior aspect of the

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this method was iiiaugurateil, the duties of the meiiieal officers

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eiicapsuled, and they certainly were enclosed under

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cases in which the pa' asite is found in the blood.

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would always bring it between and above the cords. The glistening

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terminating in some, at present, undetermined parts of the cerebral cortex.

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very important factors in judging of the purity of a

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to a medical observer that the cellular action of the brain is deranged.

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over seven centuries ago. I have quite lately found

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ties in the active exercise of their own legally ap-

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describes how he was radically cured by smearing the

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consciousness, and then in small quantity and with some

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a visit by night or in the early morning was necessary in order to con-

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wound together with silver wire. A drainage was left in as

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seeds, lime, seeds of the castor oil plant, emplastrum

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that the different lobules are markedly _ pale in the

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symptoms as well as exert a toxic action, though their occurrence is excep-

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tion of cases, they are from first to last absolutely no

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synovial membrane. They are, therefore, typical of the varieties of

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the adhesions were separated, and the pedicle was found to be the right uterine

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noticed that these involuntary motions were not offensive in

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even of unpleasant sequelse, if ordinary precautions

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of the vertebral column. All these tumors possessed a strong expansile, sys-

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writers generally, gives it as V (1.27 cm.), but this is certainly too

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The marvellous effects of this operation were never

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acetabulum during extreme flexion and -partial 'abduc-

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the Bay of Bengal. I venture farther to assert that but for

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twenty-one years old, showed no sign of the disease. The patient's parents

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ployed. There was a liabilit}' in these cases of malarious fevers in

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degeneration of organs, and hyperaemia of serous membranes, with exudates.

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