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As to the nature of snow-blindness it has usually been supposed that it is a

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epiglottis ; voluminous softening membrane in trachea and larger bronchi ;

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results in the formation of numerous new ducts, is a

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tank, and perform there his complete toilet, using water

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than actually evaporated, as water is not always standing on the

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third month; other measures are useless. When all hope of this operation is

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ous in the cold weather in the larger villages as well as

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scribes 25 pathogenic and saprophytic micro-organisms,

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from every station in India against the present regim^.

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followed the injections, and in all of them the hips

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were present, several successive transfers from plate to plate were neces-

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the year, when cholera and fever are most rife, and particularly

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widely known that thedhobis in Calcutta and all over India wash

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experience and practice. It will vary with the extent of

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teenth day, sometimes not until the twent^'-first day, and in some

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but it is a matter for regret that such fair form should not have been

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on the opposite side to the lesion was present in cases

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stuffed in between or over coils of intestines. This

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retain the bacteria. Hero quantitative bacteriological

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Here the cavity of the abscess is situated wholly on the laryngeal and

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larly careful to stop all oozing before closing the wound. For

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tions, however, of organic life, which are supposed to be

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D. Burgess {Medical Chronicle, October, 1888) reports a case of osteo-

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is a remarkable testimony to the porosity of the soil

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is not so necessary, but with a mixed diet this is imperative, in order to re-

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an interesting case of typhoid fever complicated by anthrax, and describes

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