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is delicate, provided no glucose be present, with which it will produce the

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the Asiatic can rest in either the sartorial or squatting

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has to be examined from time to time with a view to

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vol. cxix. p. 293, for 1888, an excellent paper on shock, which, although most

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dish brown patches (mottling), not raised, and which

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down in the official nomenclature, they are not bound

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ciently long time so that the newest spores may have

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stage, 1 case was cured, 2 cases improved, 1 case remained stationary ;

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under which these operations have been performed are

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though abundant in quantity, and contained pus with an occasional

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is thought to have several advantages over carbolic acid. On account of its

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maintenance of the Government plantations is, there-

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imagined, productive of the most intense bodily dis-

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of a contagious or infectious nature, and I think very

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The silver nitrate solution, after staying for a few

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after introduction. The spot is easily recognised by

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are cut after the administration of the strophanthin. Also strophanthin does

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cites the melancholiacs, in whom opium has a sedative effect. The

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these bacteria were numerous the epithelium was either necrotic or was

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trivial import. So far as I have seen native soldiers

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nomena, and this can be guarded against better in an asylum than at

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is that afforded by a remarkable case recorded by Joffroy.^ This case,

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in as fresh a condition as possible, and should be freed from

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dently and previous to the proliferation of the portal

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case of puerperal anaemia, profound in character, suffering from fever and

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right. The body of the uterus was completely lost in the tumor. A Koe-

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pean minds at least, not by any means unworthy of the

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As to the character of the aneurisms in those cases in which only one

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all cases of sudden death, which would properly come under the notice

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In 1 case strength remained stationary ; in 4 cases strength diminished.

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inoculated bacilli, which were present only at the seat of inoculation.

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