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early resection was raised, many years ago, by Mr. Holmes. Since then,

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Four days after operation the pulse was comparatively

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its results may be read in the Philosophical Transactions of the

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disease. At this time the whole body gets discoloured

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all that can be said is that it may have caused the ensu-

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the police sj^stem, would be no doubt of great value in

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feature in the military establishment. Several hundred

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seems to have come to an end, and states that the area

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The method of cultivation and preservation of vaccine

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men ; for many were the complaints made in villages

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5. Any disease of the brain, spinal cord or nervous

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mand is on duty, assisted by a sm'geon, a sergeant-

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of bloodless surgery was adopted before dressing or

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by Victor Horsley's experiments on the mode of death

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also marked anaesthesia of the feet, legs, and hands. The mucous membrane

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Bacillus tijpJiosus, this micro be may be so widely diflfiised

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posterior consists of a small white dot at the pos-

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intracranial affections, such as meningitis, inflammation of the sinuses, and

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pulsations to the right of the sternum, had all disappeared.

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in eight days. In another case from Shahpur, received for

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find no counterpart in the rural districts of the province,

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to all the surrounding structures as to be part and

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the men in the fighting-line. The most that can be aimed

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sented in Fig. 8, taken from Lichtenstern's classical memoir.''

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on 16th day of the disease, temperature irregular, rang-

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deadly. Whereas the accepted estimate of casualties

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stitch holes would rarely, if ever, occur. He had only had

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of gluten flour are stirred with IJ heaping tablespoon fuls of baking powder

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with the crime of murder by poison. As just stated,

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acid solution were used in distention ; vaseline, carbolated or borated, was

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whether or not I could lay before you facts of personal

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