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of Rome, Garofalo of ISJaples, with others of the Italian

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vision. Examination disclosed some enlargement of the heart, numerous

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found, yet without the existence of any fever. As is well known, acetone is

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inebriety to be classed as a disease, by the test of Sir Thomas Watson's

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sipelas developed. The cause of death, in the one fatal case, was attributed

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detection and treatment of disease. My experience is,

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are incapable of passing from liquid media into the air, and later investi-

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Calcuttn, does not seem, however, to be an excessive

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healthiest looking of the imported population of Assam

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natives than such statistics would lead us to believe.

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at this stage, it may be expected to recede spontaneously or under the

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abandoned or supported by experiments on animals \idth

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10. Impatiens sulcata. — The seeds of this very tall

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nation, but it was soon found out that they vaccinated

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hereafter to be determined, be sold mixed with soot or

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The broad facts of vital statistics are in Bengal at

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had never been affected, and the severity of the disease became less and less

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below the ribs. There was slight ascites and swelling

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If it is a distinct fever by itself, as I regard it, then

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as they do at a far higher temperature than happens

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of the symptom to be given hereafter, that in these,

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^ciwa/ <o<aZ rainfall and number of rainy days.

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leprosy and other skin diseases, but separating all

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gelatine. But 1 venture to think that I have avoided

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Dr. Howard summarizes his interesting paper as follows :

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rule be sent there, though iu the earlier stages of some

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The third section of the report contains a very complete discussion of the

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father, who stated that half an hour previously, when

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according to the following formula,' which is that of Jaccoud, the sole

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their passenger traffic for the past five years on this

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difficulty or want may serve to have accentuated a ten-

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not so good as indicated in the following statement: —

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kept more closely in mind and the grounds for the diflierential

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