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want of resisting power, are, in my opinion, due to the

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minutes. After the seventh injection patient was seized

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system like potassi bromidura, chloral, etc. They have

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offer no more than ordinary resistance, they bavin o-

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It is only by means of an accumulation of observations

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denuded of periosteum, all the internal organs stank

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the water of the Jumna at Allahabad 2^ miles above the

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anus brought on violent spasms ; so I waited till the paroxysm

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of typhoid fever, as against 2,526 of malarial. I believe

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the results of bacteriological examination in the scale of

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tion or appear with it ; often it is not seen at all.

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turies. We have as it were been stooping to the re-

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she did better than the others, the wound healing by

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father, who was much moved at sight of the children

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and a few drops of pus came out, but it healed again in a week or ten

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used were beer, wine, and brandy, these being taken in considerable quanti-

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In 1854, and for seven years afterwards, it raged in

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ever beri-beri prevails, it specially selects the scui'vied,

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from 6tli to IDth October, not one was an inhabitant of the town,

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patient is thrown from his seat against the car or tossed to and fro, and,

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to leave the locality of the murder ; the robbei-, on the

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though beneficial irritation and stimulation of the

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brain cortex were found filled with what almost amounted to

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or injuries, when many slight wounds are present, self-

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Asppsis is of the utmost importance, greater than in

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the author first reviews some of the cases of the former disease which have

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Every day we see cases so irregular or so brief that it

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been a congenital and inherited defect. In some of these the ocular

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