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and assert that it is a neurosis originating either in an

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Singh, Soshi Bhusan, As^t.-Surgn., L.M.S. ... Mozufferpore.

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10. The skin being either flabby, wrinkled, and oedema-

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heart's action ; and if such resistance be aroused in any individual case, it is

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parently not much the worse. He was able to walk and

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because it is now a tolerably well-known fact that a

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writer himself), the Jewesses third and the European

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the neighborhood of the epiphysis and of the inter-articular cartilage, the

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During the progress of the disease three more such respites occurred,

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fact that in lacerating the hyaloid membrane in this

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numerous anatomical changes in the liver which result

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one occasion by an European power within the present

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Though, I suppose, it will be a long time before the

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thus the metai shops in Calcutta have actually become

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Rs. 10 in the nearest Post Office Savings Bank as a

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1 2 per cent, of our fevers are due to Laveran's disease,

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for the fissure of Rolando, the most important of all the fissures of the

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smallness of the numbers inoculated, or from the resisting capacity

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particulars, that we have in beech wood creasote a remedy of great value

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ernor-General, and later on advanced to the rank of

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into them. In such asyl-fims, not only caste, but dis-

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While the simple retention of membranes had little or no effect upon the

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The fundus uteri is twelve inches above the symphysis,

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In this table the bite is reported to have been in-

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of death, is some disease of the lung, which is generally

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axillary line. There was no great pressure upon the thoracic walls at

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but the child died ; the two subsequent ones were con-

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common. This does not appear to be the case in India.

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upside down, of a partially-filled lota of water, to

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II. — Compression of right motor area by blood clot

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persons, the dose is often, if not always, excessive.

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