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310 deaths occurred. Batch after batch of pilgrims began to
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position, will be seen. Both these articulate with cor-
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I. Separate Accommodation for the Sexes on Board. —
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1856, Dr. Royle repeated his suggestions, but no action
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That in the shops of individuals licensed to sell poison,
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sary to transfer from time to time to lunatic asylums, as
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pathologist, who assumes that most of the ills of women are due to uterine
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treated by artificial removal. Manual compression of
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infrequently coexistent with hysteria. The important fact is estab-
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became frequent and the practice prevails to this day,
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their services in skinning cattle, ure allovved to claim a
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the Punjab, Central Trovinces, and Berar being cited in
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bruises, etc., and as they are agents that come daily and
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carefully made and as trustworthy as statistics could be.
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globular in shape, and projecting unduly, and the foetus
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that, with one exception, in the cases of adenoid hy-
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hypertrophic cirrhosis. It differs from that of syphilis in the absence of intra-
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ing where there was a danger of the patient, through
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ty, especially in some of the sections, particularly
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ed. As regards most of the other reasons for success
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ment of the general health of the patients by a gene-
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from the medical standpoint it is far from satisfactory,
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as compared with 193 in the previous year; at Kala-
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mouth becomes .dry and food is refused, there is great
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nine given in five-grain doses daily with a teaspoonful
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the injury it had already sustaint'd which required complete
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and resistant, and necessitated the use of the forceps and
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well as in those of previous years, there is only one
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the various factors previously enumerated come into
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cholera microbe was also in this' case no longer to be
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I mention these recurring disasters in order to show
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by all writers on pharmacology. He had thus acquired a reputation for

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