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perspiration she sat exposed to a draught of air, and had a severe chill.
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in a living state by air-currents, thus becoming sources
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principal cli\uses. The ordinnnce divides poisons into two classes :
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Scotland it was only 2-1. The difference in the per-
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Cure of Exophthalmic Goitre by Belief to Intranasal Disease.
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although the attack somewhat resembled an asthmatic dyspnoea. Ex-
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women), should be considered ; the most important loaiting sheds
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month, or even a few days immediately after birth of
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and Municipal funds contribute towards the expenditure
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for any oflfence after a conviction for a first offence,"
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in a single outbreak. Therefore I hope that all who
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epiphysis — i.e., the condyles— had a smooth fractured surface. The
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their services in skinning cattle, ure allovved to claim a
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Atmospheric influences. — Have atmospheric influences
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conclusion holds that European physicians must have
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physique was employed as a sick-nurse in hospital. At
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ing a very clear account of visual localization, includmg the phenomena
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tion of bacteria present, is no more able to distinguish
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time than is necessary to the discovery and the destruc-
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Contribution to the Study of the Influence of Alcoholism on
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patients, requiring any severe operative interference,
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which is so totally at variance with the patient's character as to indicate
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All renal cases were excluded. All the patients complained, during the first
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the nature of the snake which inflicted the bite is only
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*' I do not feel competent to deal with the question whether each fever has,
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ran down over the surface of his finger. The bite was
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when it broke out at Pali, a town of Marwar, whence
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as it is and as it ought to be. If vaccination is to do
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the weather is clear, and the stores are not of vital

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