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declared against the use of the di'ug, because he said he
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in consequence of which, and also of the possible absorption of a sm.all quan-
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Undoubtedly cases as they occur in practice would make a better
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from that prevailing in civilized and thickly-populated
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special pernicious state, which may be called splenorrhagic pernicious fever.
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MoRPURGO, of Trieste {International Congress of Otology, Brussels, Sept.
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all other there is an improvement. The patient never
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morbid process begins, it will be found that No. 5 is of
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are smooth and uniform. Every inequality of the surface tends to pre-
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antiseptically, but many did not heal well but became
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by septic inflammation after labor, which ended fatally at a subsequent labor
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stantly present, but there was no aggravation of tiiese symptoms
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cornese, with absence of corneal reflex ; loss or impairment of tactile
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believed to be less contagious, and therefore less dreaded
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razor in 51, a sickle in 7, a sword in 5, the teeth in 29,
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seeds of abrus precatorius are made into a paste, which
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mentation of the liver, while in two there was no ap-
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percentage of these cases he has been able to watch. The points of
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a branch of cranial surgery, as the whole subject is a
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(furnished in Wood's Cabinet), a chemical and bacterio-
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cases in these respects are those of pilgrims who fail
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alleviate distress and suffering and to redress wrong.
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versal inoculation of the country people, which they
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which have been done through septic sinuses, and which I have failed to

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