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members of the community, who, as a rule, display the
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lives, was, it is stated, § traced mainly to contamination
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cocci which simply swarm under the crust and help in
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purating cavities are met with, in which there is no
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cleated, and partially delivered before ligating the pedicle. The pedicle
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cord, or some one or more of the spinal nerves, exhibits altered function.
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resorcin; other bodies of the aromatic series, antipyrin and antifebrin, were
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temperature to remain intermittent during the whole
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in the smaller cities of Germany, fed from the country women are sent by
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convicts will possess as large brains as 54 convicts.
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In a short communication relating chiefly to some of the surgical
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plete resection would have almost certainly saved the child's life.
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from all communication with the blood by blocking of
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Most of them are irrigated only by means of picottahs,
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animals of any unnecessary pain, is justly abhorrent to
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These sequences presented themselves, on the average, after from three to
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stroy sensibility" (p. 257). "There are many anomalous
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be placed on a somewhat different footing from th©
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as though such disturbances were more accidental than essential in the
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of Baltimore, recommends the use of boric acid in powder, applying it by
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ing also arise from the introduction, for the most part
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We know that foetal remnants are capable of lighting
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bers of cocci scattered and in short chains. A few stout bacilli in the
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thology and superstition from which, not unlike the
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each is a stnge in the progressive degeneration of a
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by ignorance. This was responded to by the appoint-
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ed in eighteen out of sixty cases, and English authorities
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3 Social conditions have to be considered. In some countries to delay operating, is to lose the oppor-
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which turned aside the bullet. It illustrates well the
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(3) The following case is, I think; of importance : —
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the only disease for which it is likely to be mistaken is
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received during the first examinations than a rather
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which by far the largest proportion of our population,

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