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periphery: gall blaiider two-thirds full of viscid tawny bile. Spleen

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1 See Greig Smith's Abdominal Surgery, secoud edition, page 544.

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the detection of the specific organisms of enteric fever

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])atients died within a few hours of operation. Thus,

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bodily diseases, temporarily diminish motor action with safety. If exces-

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large number of leeches, and the results seemed very

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minds of such patients as will have some such drug. 10. To quiet scream-

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demand that our soldiers, when called upon to risk their

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the rest being by the rectum. Whiffs of chloroform were

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and at once report si kness. 6. To remove promptly and

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later on, the greater quantity of arsenic in the country

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tolerant of food than the rectum, so that vaginal alimentation may be con-

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Intestines. — Duodenum was on the left side, the sigmoid flexure

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the effects of climate and tropical disease, 1 have

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remotest times, or whether it was imported more re-

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terse and clear, is too long to be reproduced here.

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dangerous action in another, may stop dynamic exhaustion, and encourage

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The two diseases occurred simultaneously, or closely

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was unquestionably shown to be almost, if not quite,

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and vomiting, without the pustular eruption ; that scar-

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HOGBEN {Birmingham Med. Rev., August, 1888) calls attention to the fre-

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night is the feeding time, f In the goala mitndic'''

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chlorosis. The initial dose should be five drops, increasing gradually to

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only in the case of children. But it must not be forgotten that arrest-

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stances acute oederma of the brain is supposed to result ;

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examination, especially by one who was not present and did not see the

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in mind also tiie great risk you run, under the present sys-

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was at a loss to account for the source of the infection with anthrax. He

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feathers. About 1 inch of this feathering is found suffi-

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ly common arsenical preparations or mercurial salts, and that no

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in the highlands of Gebel-marah region phthisis was

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under peripheral irritation, and had to be chloroformed. The

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Ou admission Ihe temperature was 102'5, and the pyrexia con-

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