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will be seen that special cognizance has been taken of
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chief manufacturing centres of butter from which the
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" There is also an eruption of tubercles varying in size
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found to be free in the subjacent-areolar tissue. It is
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and place it under the army medical authorities. The
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is practised under the stimulus of immediate danger,
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These measurements should be considered in the light thrown upon
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means of attaining the desired knowledge. This kind of an examination
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Some Observations on Aortic Aneurisms. By Hermann M. Biogs, M.D.
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the crude membrane of diphtheria or the impure cultures from it, ever
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in France. In 1886-87, before the introduction of this
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at the outset in experimenting with promising ones.
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crime is usually a solitary event in his life ; carefu
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and continue for months. All the cases that I have seen have recovered.
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occasionally more than one. The Punialis treated it
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by contfigion ; but at the same time, in the present state
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These particularities in their osteology are decidedly
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and tender, but neither spongy nor ulcerated. The soft palate
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weakens the patient. Excess of soda leads to excessive
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special study of the many sciences upon which Medical
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that one of the functions of the liver-cells is to remove
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fever to be local manifestations of a slight congestion
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or if we protect our opinion by stating it in this way: when a mamma
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maintains a dispensary should maintain a leper asylum
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long as it does not become absolutely necessary, either from the nature
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satisfactorily perform these sanitary duties, so that a
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tlie quiet cycle of the disease comes on. I have certainly kept mmiy
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things, not of opinions or theories. In this age every man who will leave
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the diet of the people, than in the millet and wheat
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which was not, as recorded, under personal supervision
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cases are few and far between. The bulk of them does
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were poured on the sponge of the inhaler at least three times in twenty-
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