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assistant physician to the hospital of the of new YORK.

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classes of people in India on account of its supposed

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matter escapes more freely, and the ciliary region is

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trephine depression (at the junction of the limbs of the Y)

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Drainagk. — Over four miles of drainage have been

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the ease of patients treated in hospital, the good effects

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still preferred by some operators, and recently growing again in favor

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less indefinite were the results of the early attempts to reproduce the

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It is not the intention to take up the clinical history of aortic aneurism,

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absence of any affection of the bladder or rectum, and the non-occur-

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populated districts from this disease alone.* Lower

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tunately, the advance has not been all along tlie line ; and has been

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able number of instances in which operative treatment

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of which are atonic, atrophied or catarrhal ; (2), the

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and to remove them from their present state of reli-

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associated with eclampsia is especially severe in its

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proportion to their intrinsic weight. They shriek, as

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table of cases, and arrives at the following conclusions :

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tion as of so great moment — that, to bring it home to

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regulation of the bowels by a purgative ; the swelling

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vince, I shall like to invite your attention to five

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try are very much exposed to these sudden alterations.

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would be, according to Boyle's law, nine times this

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country to do the work satisfactorily ? In his report

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is a diuretic and mild antacid. It emulsifies fats. On

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where poison is so quickly absorbed, whether they have

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