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ly resembling a small ham cut across. It had shrunken

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1,300 medical officers of health for municipalities and

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matism and gout might account for hard lens in Europe, while

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administration then is often followed by severe nausea

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ment, but also because early recognition of the disease oflen prevents

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"Abuse of Pessaries," illustrated by several clinical cases.

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one-seventh were administered at 20 minutes interval.

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results in this manner ; but, on the whole, I think that

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ding of the epithelium of the tubules ; the kidneys of

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given off by evaporation and transpiration. In India

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Circle G, situated in the Delhi Division, is a parti-

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this urgent necessity for salt in vegetable diet depends

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thirds its normal size ; in the nipple line the dulness extended

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given in the report of the judges in the sewage farm com-

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name intercellular cirrhosis would be more appropriate,

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system in a condition favorable for its manifestation.

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Tlie practical outcome seemed to be that in operating on

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there are attacks of pain or not. If, as we have grounds

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of the skin will tell upon the kidneys, still more so on

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the I'espective importance of the constituents from the

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tated by the fungoid -pest Hcmileia vastatrix. When the

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period of 2 1 days, though present in some cases, is not

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I know no mothers who are more tenderly fond of their

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inflammation is left in a weakened or impaired state

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floors of a number of rooms. The patient was hoarse, and she had been

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would therefore urge that in all campaigns involving

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ence of Previous Symptoms . 406 ! Laparotomy for the Extraction of a

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disease of field or other produce should be amalgamat-

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co-existence of an hernia. I will not now further refer

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seventeen and one-quarter inches, practically no expansion.

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by Victor Horsley's experiments on the mode of death

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the country cannot be so easily controlled as that of

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