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objective points were lost in an indefinable haze. It
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of the latter to similar accounts of the medical lore of
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existence of symptoms can acquire any logical value ;
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and he is very apt to do some purposeless act so totally at variance with
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and in cases which I have been able to follow and which have con-
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its appearance in any part of the body, and there seems to be a power of
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drug left in the stomach, besides the large quantities that were
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H. C. Coe : Paper before Obstetrical Society of New York, American Journal of Obstetrics, April, 1888.
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Within the last few months a number of important papers upon pulmonary
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weeks and then resumed his work. Six months afterward the supra-acromial
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upon the nervous fibres, irritate these, and ruin their structural integrity —
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and the intrinsic muscles of the larynx were the only ones affected by the
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bone was removed, the remaining portion of depressed skull was
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under careful antiseptic precautions. From this mate-
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Gingelly decoction. The root of this plant ground up
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The continued stimulus of a hot climate on the nervous system
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It is to be noted that from extensive observation among
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the fossa patellaris, and in such cases it is advisable to
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while hot, and tuld the spirit of peppermint on cooling. Duse one-half a drachm to two drachms.
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fever, with great anaemic exhaustion ; oedema of the
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can be more safely opened through the lower angle of the thorax, if there is
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had it all their own way in India in the practice of
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come before the invaliding board, will doubtless live a
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tows, especially in closed barges between decks, and with deficient
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cases of human diphtheria. I hey were absent in more than one-half of
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as soon as the grass-cutters were discharged, it ceased,
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term " alternating," as more appropriate than " vicarious," menstruation. Mr.
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side, and there were no enlarged glands or indurated spots to be found
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3° or even 4°F. ) with an evening exacerbation. As
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complaints of weakness ami pariesthesia of the legs.
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