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aseptic incision to the bone in acute periostitis, or asep-
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profession or the other ; but it also indicates that
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analyst to know what the natural composition of any
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as it certainly does in many cases, stop before high
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so that 30,000 wou.nded were received into the Prussian
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ox of low value, the lord of a borough for an ox of
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1 rbosphoruH one Krain, absolute alcohol five drachms, glycerine one and one-half onnces, spirit
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was only the known tendency of these cases toward recovery and the
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they were bacilli apparently identical, morphologically, with those which
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and lead to not less disastrous consequences than have
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rent to the pericardium, so that the heart movements are communicated
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to the reflex relationship between the lung and the ear.
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cases mothers died of diabetes. Six patients say that their
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Loeffler among others. In these cases he found sti( ptococci associated
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and soft palate. There was no ulceration. The gums were pale
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fringe of the suffering from disease which even yet,
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destruction of parasite would be such as to justify the
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cause dyspeptic symptoms. Two or three at a dose mark the limit of
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such authorities as Playfair, Carpenter and Copland.
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Compnlsorij vaccination. — One of the most important
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A case of recovery after swallowing on an empty stomach
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antiperiodic and diuretic ; has been used with good
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serious offence ; or a desire to establish a name for
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years who are not at the end of the time more sceptical about drug treat-
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ing and opacity in the latter. After- cataract, when
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in others, or fourteen or twenty-two in the rest, when it
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posed, such disease not only derives no benefit but gets
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tonic, astringent and alterative, and has been used in
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pleuritic fluid in certain cases and obviate the necessity of operative inter-
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A Contribution to the Normal and Pathological Anatomy of
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animal heat in the one class than in the other ? Actual
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lative machinery has been provided for a very complete
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exerted on the nervous system by products of imperfect
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and in India we are confronted with so many kinds of

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