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to be absorbed by the stomach, and allowing the sick

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the statements of women themselves as to the date, or

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dressed. The elder lad had a deep punctured wound on the ball of

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invalided from the army. As the result of experience

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far more frequently present unaccompanied by such changes. Severe

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and is regarded as the home of that much-dreaded pest

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mation, a hypodermic injection of morphia was adminis-

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febrifuge, during the whole of the period just men-

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feet and body up, and began artificial respu-ation ; the

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III. A more recent instance is the Midnapore Central

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and might suitably and profitably be discussed by a body of

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of sufficient importance to be shown to Professor Kun-

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towards resolving the chaos in which they found the

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Hyg., 1891, Vol. Ill, p. 169) : "It was or is impos-

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it is Utopean to anticipate for India. The provision in the

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reviews at great length the literature of the above subject, gives an elaborate

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the pulse and respiration, which shew increased exhaustion

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would most frequently be mistaken for something else,

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they have much intelligence and a keen appreciation of

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the medical profession has not escaped its share of labor in the endeavor

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breaks, there are definite meteorological and climatic

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open air. It begins to show itself soon after the sun first makes its appearance

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two men, bitten by the same jackal, were brought to me. They

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titioner, and, if it so happen that he cannot call an aurist in consultation, it

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" It is clear that the water-supply of the town taken from

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out corresponding restoration of the mental integrity, would be a very

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in the beginning, the inhaler was worn during fifteen or twenty minutes

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instance of an injury, or scratching of the part, and it

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still retain a good and trustworthy vaccinating staff.

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utilised the advantages which the association of the Sanitary De-

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as cases of cholera, if such a diversity of opinion can

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LoviOT {Bulletins de la Sociefe Obxtetrioale de Parh<, No. 8, 1888) urges the

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